March 28, 2013

The Remaining Time in Manila is Getting Short…Really Short

We are missing some people from this photo because we could not find them...

With the Easter holiday coming up, my last day of work happened to be well before I leave the country. Normally, I would be excited for a few days off of work, but this just means I had to say goodbye earlier—or should I say, I had to say goodbye AGAIN! The “goodbye season” has begun for me and that means the time remaining here in Manila is short.

I had to wear wrinkled cloths because I had no iron and after all the pack out I realized I did not have a tie—oops. But nobody at work seemed to mind and you can’t see the wrinkles in the photos either.

It was hard to give hugs and tell everyone goodbye. I will really miss the staff here. I am thankful for the technology of social media because I am able to stay in touch with many of them even if I am living in a country on the other side of the world.

As I went around to take photos with everyone, we had a good time. Filipinos LOVE pictures so each place we had to take several pictures: a normal shot with multiple cameras, “jump shots” which did not ever turn out right,  and “wacky shot” of course! We spent plenty of time laughing that is for sure.

One office said, “It’s your last day, again!” I had to laugh, there was the last day when Lady and I left and then I came back and I am leaving again…They must think I am the never ending story.  

Our 'not so' jump, jump shot...

pose na!

that is what you get for missing the group picture! HAHA...(i waited until right before the photo and stuck my finger in his ear!)

Failed Jump shot--take 1

fail--take 2

Jump shot--take 3, not a complete fail...

new group...jump shot--take 4...three of us got it

Move places...him jump shot fail--take 5

we give up, we are laughing too hard!

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  1. Hi Dustin, funny jumpshots. Thanks for sharing the photos. We will pray for Lady Hiva and baby, Tau’aho. Im excited to read entries regarding growing-up Tau'aho.

    God bless.