August 25, 2013

Lucky is 1 Month!

Can you believe it? Tau’aho is 1 month! That is 30 days! 4 weeks! 731 Hours!  

Time has gone by so fast. Lucky continues to grow—I guess all that great food his mum is providing is doing its job. His little cheeks are becoming chubbier and his legs and arms are filling out. Lady Hiva and I love his little rolls under his chin too.

We constantly kissing or squeezing them. I am sure some day he is going to start hating someone always in his face or pinching his rolls. But I just can’t help myself.

Lady Hiva and I comment to each other—at least forty-seven time a day—that we LOVE our little Lucky Man!
The last few weeks have been spent learning to plan our day around his schedule. We sleep, eat, read and do errands when it is convenient for him! HAHA—talk about royal treatment. But we are thankful for every minute of it.
People ask us if we are getting sleep or make some kind of comment about parents of a newborn not sleeping. The reality? No, neither Lady nor I sleep well. (To be fair I never did anyway, now I just have an excuse). However, this journey to be parents has been a long and planned out one, so we welcome the sleepless nights, the pee in the face, the dirty diapers—one after another—and the altered lifestyle. Because with those also comes the cooing, the amazement at new things—like taking a bath—and being able to cuddle with a little being that we (we are bias, we admit) believe is perfect.

It has been fun to have Tau’aho for this last month…something we planned for with all his siblings. Our little Lucky man is such a gift.


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