August 02, 2013

Tau’aho Is HOME!

Tau’aho is officially home! It is amazing to have him here too. Lady Hiva and I are constantly debating on who gets to hold him or feed him. There have been plenty of people come and see him too—so we have to share our already divided time. hahaha.

We spent time with our family and friends who wanted to come and say hello to him and kiss his little cheeks. I have included some photos because several people that cannot come want daily photos—haha. So those of you that think—“How can we put up so many photos for a baby not even five days old?” I apologize. We think he is kind of cute, so we share.

We have enjoyed watching his looks change from day to day. It is also fun to do things like give him his first bath. Unlike his brother, Aleki, Tau'aho doesn't mind being naked or bathed. It is amazing how, even so small, they have different personalities.

Mommy loves green!

Meeting the cousins!

Anty Krista came with Uncle Justin and brought a cute beanie that her mother made.

We also have several people asking how to say his name, so I will give you a quick lesson. The glottal stop seems to throw people off. So here it is. Think of it as two simple words: Tau and aho.

First, Tau, it is one syllable and said “Tau” sounding like “pow” or “wow”

Then there is Aho,  it is two syllables but said quickly as one. Said like  “ah-Ho.” The “ah” is like when the doctor says “open your mouth and say “awe” and the “ho” is short but sounds like the noise Santa purportedly makes.  

You put the two of them together and you have Tau’aho. Simple as that! (Or you can just call him Lucky :)

Grandma was whistling...he wasn't sure he liked it.


A very serious conversation

Mommy introducing Tau'aho to the love of books, just like she did Aleki


  1. Dustin and Hiva, congratulations, Lucky is adorable. Thank for sharing these beautiful pictures. I enjoyed reading your book and since have been following you. Enjoy your new bundle of joy! -Anita

  2. Awe so cute. He is beautiful. I love all the pictures and look forward to more coming. hehehehe