August 30, 2013

30 on the 30th!

Today I cross the bridge of no return: I turned 30 years old.

I follow Lady Hiva, several family members and friends. Many of them welcome the experience for various reasons—one was excited they can now register to run in the 30-35 year old category for races—others lament this junction of life.

I, however, come to this day with neither excitement nor trepidation. It is what it is. I am no longer in my twenties and can’t fool myself that I am “young.” And conversely, I don’t feel old. So…meh…birthday schmirthday.

I did tell Lady Hiva the only things I wanted were a new pair of running shoes and a jogger stroller so I can take Tau’aho running with me when he is older. We went to buy the shoes and came back with not one pair, but six! (It was a good sale—buy one get one free! YAY!)

Trying it out! Can't wait to actually use it!

I have thought about the last thirty years and they are packed with adventure. As you all know there have been some amazing “Ups” and there have been some I-wouldn’t-believe-it-if-I-wasn’t-experiencing-it kinds of “lows.” Through it all I have, hopefully, become a better person. Because you have read about these experiences, I thought it would be fun to tell you some facts you may not know:

  • I am bald—and I’m OK with it. Years ago I came to grips with it. Yes, I would rather have the hair back, but that’s life.
  •  I have never had a cavity. I didn’t realize that was normal until I was about 22 when I, for some unexplainable reason, bit a piece of tinfoil and someone watched me started to cringe. Apparently, people with fillers and caps experience an “electric shock” when they do that. It could be due to the fact I always have four or five toothbrushes that I rotate—OCD?? Maybe a bit.
  • While we are talking about teeth, I might as well continue. I have all my teeth. Even the four ‘Wisdom Teeth.’ Before you go on your mission they require them be removed but my dentist said, “You have a big mouth” and I was able to keep them.
  •  The longest run I have ever done was 27.5 miles in Orlando, Florida.
  • I have never run in an official race. I run for personal fulfillment. (This will change because I just signed up to run a RAGNAR next month)
  •   When I exercise I listen to classical music and Enya (Lady tells me I am weird)
  •  In the last year I published one book and wrote two others. Hopefully they will be published too.
  • I have worked 14 different jobs…where I was paid so that is not counting the family farm etc.
  • Last time I was tested I have 20/18  vision—but when I was younger I had sand scratch my eye and when I am tired or dehydrated I can see a Y in my vision. I sometimes pretend it is a bulls-eye like some superhero character.
  •  I don’t really have a favorite color. I like them all. When I was younger it was red, then orange…now, I usually tell people pink is my favorite—more for shock value than anything.
  •  I love suits and shoes…both come and go…but I currently have 14 suits and about 25 pairs of shoes in the closet. 
  •    I love the SUN! But I had a mole removed that “looked cancerous” so Lady gets mad at me every time I go running without my shirt. I really am trying to be better about that.
  •   I am not really a fan of chocolate. I would rather have something salty or gummy.
  • I have only thrown up once in the last 9 years—thanks to an ulcer. I hate throwing up…which is difficult because I have a really bad gag reflex. 
  •  I have claustrophobia.


  1. Happy Birthday Dustin! You are truly amazing and talented. You will love to jog with a jogger. That is my favorite thing to do and I don't know what I will do when it is gone and Malakai is running with me. You have the most amazing day!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I won't be seeing you anymore at FSI, but best of luck with the rest of your language training. Keep in touch! Deanna