February 19, 2014


So there are some things we do and say that people who witness them remember LONG after we have gone. Some of those things are positive and others, well we would rather they forget. It goes to show that every action we take or decision we make, people are watching (that just sounded like a line to a corny 80s song haha)

Seriously though, there are times we impact others and I hope that the positive impacting outweighs the negative!

Today some of our dearest friends in the Philippines found I was featured in a blog 8list in the Philippines. The blog talked about foreigners that speak Tagalog. It was fun to see me there. I loved speaking the language and the writer is correct, it really created a bond with the Filipino people. It made me a bit nostalgic. We had so many memories and friends there in Manila.

Here is the blog post:
8 Foreigers Who Will WOW YOU With Their Tagalog

(I like how he pointed out my heavy American accent)

Here are some other blog posts and videos of me speaking Tagalog.
Kwentohan Tayo
More Radio
Television  (skip forward to about 3 minutes 40 seconds)

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  1. Hey Dustin,

    Glad to see you enjoyed our 8List! I'm Rico Mossesgeld, the one who wrote the article you encountered. I honestly had no idea you returned to the US. May you continue to make people happy the same way you've made many Filipinos back in the Philippines happy.

    Rico M.