February 23, 2014

Raising a Lucky Dragon

Tau’aho is coming up on 7 month! SO EXCITING! We love our little man so much. This past month has been a month of growth and change.

He has four teeth now: two on the bottom in front and his two canines on top. So he truly looks like our Lucky Dragon now! (I tell you it is all in the name!) He keeps growing longer and longer. He will only fit into 12 month clothes. I know that there is no way to really predict height, but I hope his long body means he will take after his Bradshaw uncles!

His little personality gets more and more prevalent every day. He is so curious. Whenever we are doing something he watches so closely. He loves to sit up as we go about our activities so he can see everything. He loves tabs—on clothes, toys, pillow, blankets and boxes. He could have a whole bunch of items to play with but always opts for just the tabs. (I guess he couldn’t being my kid without be a little weird! HAHA. He is trying to figure out this crawling thing. He can go in circles and roll all over but doesn't quite understand how to go forward yet. 

He is babbling. He will babble to us like it is telling us something very seriously. 

He loves to read. He will sit for hours while we read to him. He has started to show favoritism for books too. If he loves the book he will sit there and babble along quietly. However, if he doesn't like it he will push it away with his hands or start to wiggle away. We thought it was coincidence but when we read the books he likes he will calm down again. It makes Lady and I both happy that he likes books.

Most of all he LOVES to laugh! He laughs as he plays with his toys, laughs in the tub, laughs and bounces wildly in his excersaucer and in bed! He will laugh and laugh and laugh if there is someone else there to laugh with him. Sometimes I will just sit in front of him and laugh and his little joyous sounds fill the room.

Eating has been a change too. More solids than milk. If he doesn’t get enough solids during the day he acts as if we are starving him. He will watch us longingly as we eat with a look of “Why aren’t you feeding me?” He is now eating yogurt, meats (pureed), and all kinds of fruit and vegetables. This morning I tried to give him some lentils for variety and he didn’t like the non-pureed texture and made gag faces. But he does that with anything new we get him to try. So I finished off the beans he was eating and tried again at the end with another spoonful of lentils and his gags started again.

I repeated something Madre said to Trevor years ago at a Chinese restaurant, “Don’t you throw up!” And just like Trevor as soon as the words were out, so was the food! All over! Poor guy…so I guess we will stick with pureed for a little while longer! Hehe

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  1. Such a fun age! Little P is almost 3 months now. Have I sent a pic yet?? Jenny F