February 17, 2014

Turning 80!

It isn’t every day that you turn 80. In fact, many people don’t make it until 80 years old. This weekend our family members celebrated the 80th birthday of my Grandpa.

It was fun to have the family come into town, even if it was just for a few days. The weekend was capped with a large party celebrating Grandpa’s life. The room was full of family members and friends who have benefited from his kindness and companionship over the years.

Not only has Grandpa made it to 80, but he has retired twice and still running a business (so yes, not really retired), he takes family members on large trips and it still going strong. It was fun to hear all the memories people have of him in their lives.

And as getting old brings all kinds of issues-let me rephrase that, it brings different issues—I liked what one of them said at the party, “Be grateful for old age because many don’t get the privilege of making it there.”

That is so true. Each day we live is a blessing. Sometimes we forget that and focus on inconsequential aspects of life, but we are still here. We can still laugh, and love, and forgive and enjoy. 

About half of the family...I guess you collect quite a few extras after 80 years.

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