October 17, 2014

Day Off in Asia

With the American Holiday this past week, we were able to explore some parts of Istanbul we had never seen before. It is such a big and exciting city and, sadly, when you work in an place you tend to become bogged down with life—work, shopping, church callings etc—and do not get to explore as much as we would like.

On this day off we planned to go to see the “Asian Side” of Istanbul. We started in a popular area called Kadikoy. We were ready to go and Lucky Dragon boy looked so handsome in his clothes. However, sure enough, about half way down the road he decided to not chew his pear and gagged himself. This boy has as bad of a reflex as I do and once he gags, he usually throws up! (Last week in the States he threw up his quesadilla in a grocery store! I had heard the gag and reflex brought my hand up and I was lucky enough to catch all the puke…ah being a parent.) Lady always has a second set of cloths in the bag—but they were not near as cute as the other set.

Eating some Simit!

Storm over the Bosphorus

We took the ferry across the Bosphorus. The Dragon LOVED the boat ride and wanted to see everything. Kadikoy was amazing. We rode the little tram around the shopping part of the village and then went exploring through the stores and the shops.

There were so many smells and colors to enjoy. Lady Hiva stopped to buy rose water and vanilla bean for recipes they are doing. There were small coffee shops with old men playing outside of them. There were fish sellers with the morning’s catch, spice stores with rich aromas, food of all flavors, a candy store, a dessert and pastry shop, shoe stores, clothing stores, a pickle-er and a fruit stand all in a row. There is so much to see and enjoy. 

Most of all we loved to beautiful weather in an exciting city! 

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