October 27, 2014

Lost In a 3 Story Craft Store

So..it is no secret that Lady Hiva and I both like to try new crafts and something artistic. Over the years you have seen us do cakes, paint, decorations and photography. So when we heard there was a large craft store in Istanbul we were so excited to go check it out. EuroFlora here we come!

We went one day after I finished work and by the time we battled all of the traffic we arrived after dark. The area where EuroFlora is located seems a bit more industrial and there are not many street lights. We parked in a shadowy parking lot next to some bushes—the only thing missing from a horror movie is a large van parked next to us waiting to snag us in the door as we walk by. YIKES! But since I am writing this, we obviously survived (what can I say, I have a REALLY overactive imagination and I have to sensor what I voice to Lady Hiva because she does too and if I tell her that it is creepy she gets even more freaked out!)

Inside the store was HUGE! It was three stories of craft and art—it was a mix of Michaels in the States and UniWide Wholesale in Manila. We walked through each of the aisles to see what there was offered. They had paper products, decorating products, party products, a floor of flowers and holiday products. It was amazing.

We thought it was fun to see all of the Halloween and Christmas decorations too. We tried on the costumes and dug through the items. The bad part about stores like this is just seeing something sparks an idea and then a whole craft piece comes to life…you walk out with more projects and plans than you expected when arriving in the dark parking lot.

If you are in Istanbul and planning a party or just want a craft to do, a trip to Euroflora is a must. The Spice Market has many of the same items for sale but it is all in one place—three stories of one place.(Just go in the daylight to avoid any white vans in the parking lot!) 

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