August 20, 2016

And...Here We Go Again!

There are many of you that know already, but it seems like it was time to be open about it. We are trying this emotional roller-coaster ride called a pregnancy again. Normally Lady Hiva and I have already told people because we have moved from a foreign country at an early stage for her care. This time, however, we haven't had to move, so we have been quiet about it.

To be truthful, with all that we have experienced trying to get a child here, Lady Hiva and I approach this journey with realistic apprehension. When people find out they are excited and congratulate us. Neither of us know what to say because until we hit 30 weeks of gestation we will continue to hold our breath.

We did not even tell Lucky Dragon for a long time. He is intelligent enough to understand so that was not the reason...actually, in a way, maybe it is the reason. He is so smart that if we started to tell him and then the baby does not make it, it may be harder to explain why. However, at the first appointment when they did an ultrasound that secret went right out the window. He came with us and knew we were at the doctor's office. He kept asking us if "mommy was sick?" and was confused when we told him she wasn't. He contentedly played with his truck as we talked until they did the ultrasound and the heart beat was heard. The technician said, "There is the baby's heart beat." He perked right up, looked at the screen, listened and saw that they were doing the ultrasound on Lady's stomach and said, "Mommy, there is a baby in your stomach?"

From that day forward we have heard him pray for the baby when he prays for the rest of our family and he is constantly talking about the baby.

So here we go! We have past the 15 week mark this week. Well on the way to the half-way mark. If all goes well the baby will come the last week of January or the first week of February 2017.  I truly hope and pray we make it that far!

Lady Hiva is such a brave person. She knows how hard this has been emotionally for both of us, but she also has taken a terribly physical toll with each pregnancy. Her sacrifice is far greater than mine. But she wanted to try one more time. So here we are.

She had her cerclage placed a few weeks ago, which is good news on hand because the doctors feel the baby and Lady are healthy enough to continue the pregnancy. However, it is hard on Lady. It sounds incredibly painful and she is limited in her activities. I sat there listening to the doctor after they did the surgery talk about all the scar tissue she has from other pregnancies and cerclages, and I thought how brave she is--even though she would never admit it.

We will keep you posted as we go along. But it is nice to know others understand so they don't think I am just a nagging husband when I am constantly telling her to stop lifting, stop pushing and stop doing too much (something she loves--said with heavy sarcasm). She is so independent she doesn't ask for help which means if I am not right there to do what she needs she does it...sigh.

Tau'aho is excited and so are we (cautiously). Let's get a another little one here.

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  1. Sending prayers your way. Quietly doing a happy dance and hoping all goes well.