August 07, 2016

Wands, Butterbeer and Chocolate Frogs--Harry Potter Park, CA

So the last few days in California we took Lucky Dragon to places we wanted to go. The first stop was Universal Studios, CA. Now, we knew starting out that it is quite a bit smaller than the Orlando version, but we wanted to go to see the Harry Potter park.

Even though Lucky Dragon does not know who Harry Potter is or what Hogsmeade is all about, but he loved the park. There was a train, singing--even singing frogs, roller coasters and HoneyDuke's candy store. Lady Hiva and Tau'aho were in heaven! I completely enjoyed seeing their joy throughout the day.

Hogswarts Express


Watching the animal book

Of course the first stop, after a quick photo with Hogwarts Express, was the candy store. We wondered around looking at all the different candy and chocolate offered. You would have thought these two wanted EVERYTHING in the store! Maybe they did--hehe.

We drank butterbeer, ate gummy slugs, shopped for owls and bought some wands. Lucky Dragon was so excited to have a wand that glowed when he 'cast a spell.' Lady Hiva bought a wand that looked like Fluer Delecour that was interactive. When you cast a spell at the different window displays it will open magically begin. It was fun to have watch her stand in line with all the teenagers to caste spells at the teacups and plants.

Singing frogs and Hogswarts students

Practicing Spells

My favorite part of the whole day was ride the Hippogriff  Rollercoaster. We rode it four times in a row. He is our little adrenaline junky! The last two times he even kept his hands up yelling the whole time with me!

The Mirror of Ersade

Watching the Mandrakes

Tau'aho LOVED that the paintings talked to him


Dumbledore's office

The Fat Lady guarding Gryffindor Tower

Dinner at Three Broomsticks

He found a broom to ride

Of course we went to the rest of Universal Studios too. He was fascinated with back-lot tour where they emulate an earthquake, a shark attack and several water accidents. He would talk about it until the next thing happened.

He and I went on several more rides with me and we called it a day when he finally fell asleep in the stroller.

Inside Gru's house



So the magic lived on again, Harry Potter style.

We ended the weekend in Los Angeles "Fashion District." It is a few mile square area in the middle of the city where clothes, make-up, toys and anything else is for sale. We enjoyed it. We felt like we were in the many markets we have been around the world. I was able to find three suits! It was amazing (not that I need any suits). The street tacos were amazing!

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