August 04, 2016

We Met Mater! Disney Day 2

There was one reason we were open to Disneyland not Disney World and that was Radiator Springs. Our little Lucky Dragon is thoroughly infatuated with Disney's Cars. We watch it over and over and over. It is supplimented with an occasional Big Hero 6, Finding Nemo or Disney Junior show, but for the most part we are a Cars type of family now.

He is so into Cars that even our car, Mongoose, is part of the family. We have to, on his orders, tell Mongoose good night and good bye when we leave her. When he names the members of the family and says his prayers she is always included. He has a healthy love for tractors (even though he still thinks they 'moo' and tip over when you scare them) thanks to Cars.

So our second day of Disney was spent in Radiator Springs. We started out riding tractors dancing in Mater's junk yard and then went dancing in small Italian cars at Luigi and Guido's.
He was in heaven!

 Then we were able to take him to meet Mater, Lightning McQueen, and Red. That was so much fun. Although, unlike yesterday, when he was so excited to see the characters, a life sized vehicle that was purring and roaring an engine was a little bit worrisome to him. Poor guy. We had to talk him into standing closer for a picture.

He was star struck, can you tell

Showing Mater his tractor toy

We watched the Frozen musical they have and we were glad we did. It was amazing. The performers were so talented and the props and cinematography was amazing. Tau'aho loved the music too. We took him on the 4D ride Soarin' and he loved it. He keeps talking about how we "went flying and the big black whale splashed us with his tail!" He wasn't as excited about the 4D Bugs Life. He talked about it too, except for when the "one bug farted on us." It is amazing what a little guy remembers and picks up on. 

It was so much fun to watch Lucky Dragon be so happy to see Radiator Springs and want to spend more and more time there exploring all of the shops and rides. We rode every single ride he could go on, some of them several times. He was so much fun--Lady Hiva and I both loved seeing him so happy.


Talking with Crush

He was so interested in this "huge watermelon that drips on us"

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