October 02, 2016

We Left Deaf and Dirty--But Had Fun!

Lucky Dragon has been talking about the last demolition derby we went to in West Jordan. It is part of our conversation several times a day. He recounts what different trucks did and asks us which "car was your favorite?" If we don't answer right a way, or change our answer to make things more interesting (because we have this conversation so often change is necessary), he will correct us and tell us which cars we liked and which he liked and what happened.

Luckily I was able to get tickets to the last demolition derby for the year (at least in Utah) in Ogden and we went. For the entire month before the derby he would ask every day if we were going to the derby that day and would be dramatically sad if it wasn't the day to go yet!

They have the kids do a derby with their Trax cars. Lucky Dragon loved this

When we arrived we were shocked to find that we had seats right up against the railing in the middle of the stadium. We were literally feet from the cars. We were also literally feet from the four large concert sized speakers for the entire grounds. This was good because we were right in the middle of the action, but it was also intense because between the loud vehicles with no mufflers and the speakers booming voices and music, we literally left with throbbing ear drums! Not only that, we were so close to the vehicles there were several times mud and rocks were flung up at us. We had mud in our pockets, down our shirts, in our hair and had several red places on our faces from where we had been nailed by a rock! hahaha. Gave a new meaning to being involved!
Up close and personal

As we did last time we would choose vehicles in the beginning and root for that vehicle during the race. We yelled until we were hoarse, we laughed at how crazy the drivers were, and cheered when there was a good hit and a car was tipped over.

So close we could see the padding details of the vehicles

Lady Hiva was shocked to see that they started the vehicles by touching wires together (hot wiring them)

Hiding form the dirt and rocks that were often showered on us

It was a fun night. We were there for 5 hours! Yikes! There are not many activities a three year old will sit for 5 hours. Apparently, a demolition derby is one of them! And guess what the first question he had for me this morning was? "Dustin, can we go to another demolition derby?" I think he is a fan.
Dirt that was sprayed all over us

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