October 01, 2016

Temple Quarry--Where It All Began

The weather has been perfect the last few weeks. Yes, there were a few rain storms, that is much needed in the desert area we currently call home, but for the most part it has been cool and sunny. We have tried to find several ways to enjoy the weather and the autumn activities.

One of those was to take a drive and "hike" in the mountains. It is hard not to enjoy the beauty of the mountains when you live in Utah. They are a majestic addition to the landscape and, of course, endless places to explore for the adventurous. We wanted to join that group and found a short hike that was paved so we could bring Lady Hiva in her wheelchair. Temple Quarry trail at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon on the East side of the Salt Lake Valley.

The color of the leaves were beautiful. It was towards the end of the colorful season, but it was still worth spending some time out in the nature.

The history behind this trail means quite a bit to members of the LDS Church. It is where the rock was quarried for the building of the iconic LDS temple in Salt Lake City. The white stone was mistaken for granite, but it actually a quartz. The river bed gleams in the sunlight with basketball size rocks that have been rounded over the years. The steep cliffs that rise from the riverbed are just as dramatic white with a few trees here and there that grew from a small ledge or crevice. Many of those walls still have the dynamite holes and remnants of the quarry crews from so long ago.

Dynamite holes from the quarry

Riverbed stone

We had fun exploring the rocks and the nearby area. We would push Lady along to a place she could see us as we ran around looking for treasure or learning about the nature around us. Lucky Dragon was full of excitement as we jumped from rock to rock or stopped to watch an insect busily doing its work.

So if you are looking for an easy place for the whole family to enjoy the nature nearby. Temple Quarry Trail is easy to walk, beautiful and wheelchair (and Stroller) accessible.

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