October 11, 2016

Halloweening at Kuwahara Farms

As we embrace autumn we have been finding things to do that celebrate the season. The other day we went to see Kuwahara Farms in Draper. Kuwahara farms is a nursery with several greenhouses. With the flower season over, they fill the greenhouses with Halloween decor and an assortment of pumpkins.

When I say there was an assortment of pumpkins, I mean there were pumpkins all over. White pumpkins, fat pumpkins, green pumpkins, disk shaped pumpkins, orange pumpkins, yellow pumpkins, striped pumpkins, round pumpkins, pumpkins with wart growths on them, tiny pumpkins massive pumpkins. I did not know there were that many varieties of pumpkins. Lady Hiva wanted to do some arrangements at the house with pumpkins so we all were able to select some. I think by the time we left we had 15 pumpkins of all colors, shapes and sizes!

It was fun to see the decorations around too. The witch talked to us, and Lucky Dragon was mesmerized by the old fashioned telephone that would ring at random and start talking.

They also have a small corn pit and a bounce house for kids to play on for free. That was obviously a plus for our little guy.

We also ended up buying pears, apples, and a whole box of peaches! HAHA. I guess they win on that one---offer free bounce house for the kids and the parents buy pumpkins and fruit!

The decorations have turned out nice too! (I actually do think so, but I am also getting some browny points from Lady Hiva because the Christmas Decorations are out in stores! woohoo!)
I made a Halloween wreath out of material remnants from our current projects (will be pictured later)

Lucky Dragon and I found this stick in the canyon, I made it a broom

Lady Hiva's holiday ladder she made...with blocks for each time of year

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