November 27, 2016

Spreading Christmas Cheer---er Crafts

It was a fun weekend. We spread the Christmas cheer to other places...why stop at your own house, right?

My brother recently bought an auto part store and we have tried to spend a few days down helping him get everything the way he wants it. I am proud of him for taking the risk and doing it. He has always inspired me in the way he makes the best of everything. I am excited to see where this challenging and stressful journey takes him.

This weekend Lady Hiva and I went to help Christmas-ize the store. It was fun. We decorated a tree--just simple, of course simple is not our style, but for now it works! I then painted the store front windows. I have never done that before, but hey, that's never stopped me before.

So after chasing down some paints--a miracle itself, we had two different aunts bring some over for us to use--I went to work.

It is not perfect, but it was fun to do. Its good that Beau-D is so busy he can't tell me he doesn't like it! HAHA. other news, Lady Hiva has completed 29 weeks of gestation! That is the second longest of all our kids--Lucky Dragon being the other. We hope she lasts as long as he did! Every day and week is a blessing. 

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