May 15, 2017

Derby Days Have Begun!

I was excited to take my Lucky Dragon to the first demolition derby of the year. We made our way to Ogden after begging Lady Hiva to join us--to which she kept declining. She didn't break down with our incessant asking over and over.

There are not many things that would keep our active little guy still for 5 hours straight. Actually, I cannot think of ANYTHING else that she stays that long in one place. In Church it seems he can't sit for more than 4 minutes before another surge of adrenaline occurs. In fact, last Sunday he waited until the quietest time of the meeting to yell, "Koala Bear has to defecate!" When Lady Hiva and I talked about her needing a diaper change. However, with the demolition derby he sat for nearly 5 hours.

We cheered on our favorite cars, we watched them roll over, tip back up and keep going, we saw them burst into flame and the driver have to escape to not go up in flames too--it was so much fun to watch him get excited.

We even were treated with an appearance from our favorite truck from last year (team from Southern Utah) Junky! Then we caught a prize Frisbee too. All the fun that Lady Hiva and Koala Bear missed out on.

We were, however, more wise this time. We brought noise cancelling ear muffs and ear plugs. I was glad that our seats were not down on the rail like last time. Whenever those in those seats were pelted by rocks and mud I just laughed and enjoyed from our dirt-less seats.

I was happy to have a date night with my little guy and to enjoy something with him that he loves. So here is to the first derby of the season!

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