May 31, 2017

A Sandy Beach In Utah

When you come from Hawaii you become a bit of a "beach snob." Not many places live up to the serenity of a Hawaiian beach with a beautiful sunset, clear blue water and perfect sand. Yes, there are some...but not many.

Living in Utah has been interesting for Lady Hiva and I because it is the first time that we have lived away from some sort of water--a lake, the Bosphorus, the ocean etc. So we are constantly looking for places to recreate something close to home. This weekend we were invited to join some family to Pineview Reservoir just East of Ogden, UT. We were happy to go along for the journey.

The night before we had spent having our own little family bonfire and we all loved that. We had gone to Willow Creek campground in Lehi, UT. It was perfect for a nice day trip or camping. There is water, plenty of green field space to play games and fire pits. Lucky Dragon was mesmerized by the fire (takes after me) and wanted to throw everything in. He thought it was so much fun to watch the marshmallows grow as they melted. In fact, he said he would rather eat the carrots and burn the candy than the other way around (again, my kid!).  But when presented with a chance to join family at a body of water, we jumped for it!

Mum makes a good goalie!

I had never been up there before. If Huntsville, UT was not so far away from Salt Lake City I would not think twice about moving there. I would spend every evening at the water.

We found a spot on the beach of sand--along with hundreds of other Memorial day celebrators. It was a sunny, perfect day. Lucky Dragon was in HEAVEN. I don't think he stopped for even a few minutes. We rode canoes, we built sand castles, we used the stand up paddle board and we I said, it was a perfect day. Lady Hiva and I would take turns taking Lucky Dragon out on the stand up paddle board. He would sit down by our feet as we went. On one of the trips a large wake from a speed boat caught us broadside and we tipped over. The poor guy panicked! But he is so incredibly brave. Once we talked about the importance of the life jacket and that he was fine, he went out with us a few more time. Although, after that he was SURE that his mum was a far better athlete than I because "she never tipped me off." He may be right.

So if you are looking for a place to get away from the city. Lehi and Huntsville both offer some amazing options! We had a good weekend. I ended it with so much gratitude for my little family. It is hard to go back to work after spending so much time with them!

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