May 01, 2017

Happy Helpers...Today We're (Insert activity)!

If you have, or are around, young children you know that one of Disney's new shows is Mickey and the Roadster Racers. Lucky Dragon loves it! After each episode there is a short with Minny and Daisy as "Happy Helpers." The gist of the short is that when people need help, they call the Happy Helpers. There is a jingle about being Happy Helpers and at the end in a horrible high pitched squeal they say, " we're ______!" They would fill in the activity they are doing for the day.

Sometimes I feel like Lady Hiva and I are Happy Helpers. There are some times we are the photographers. Sometimes we are the cake decorators. Sometimes we are the decorators, the cheerleaders, the florists, the name it. This weekend we were invited to be a bit of all of those.

We have some close family friends from Hawaii and DC who had one of their daughters get married here in Utah. We were able to help out throughout the preparations. We took them shopping for flowers and tried to make her vision of the reception a reality.

It was fun, busy and cheerful. It makes it easier when the bride is all of those things too. Here are some photos of the journey!

The bouquet that Lady Hiva and I made

She wanted the gym to look like a tent outdoors

The Bouquet Lady Hiva and I made

The finished product

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  1. so thankful for your friendship even before this miracle