August 23, 2017

Celebrate An Anniversary---Lay Sod!

Over the years Lady Hiva and I have done some really cool things for our anniversary--stayed in a castle in Tuscany, toured Beijing or a trip to New York. What, then did we do this year? We laid sod! So exciting...but fitting.

I am so thankful that we have another year of marriage under our belt. I love Lady Hiva and the person she is more than anything. I am thankful that she chooses me--not an easy choice most days. We are best friends and I often don't like Mondays because all weekend we are able to spend so much time together but on Monday that ends "cold-turkey" and I have moments of 'I wish she was here with me...or I was with her.'

Why then, did we lay sod on our anniversary? It isn't because we don't care, or we are so used to being married that the date does not matter. Quite the opposite, this year we honor it more than ever before. We have been so excited to get the yard done on the new house. Including adding 7 hydrangea bushes, lavender, peonies and many other of Lady's favorite flowers. There have been many late nights of digging in the mud with flashlights to accomplish this.

Mongoose has resumed her role as a faux truck. Literally we have loaded her so full that it looks like we are traveling with a jungle.  We even hauled a tree in with us.Lady did not like the tree the builder chose, so I moved it to the back--breaking a shovel in half in the process. We replaced it with a weeping cherry tree (shout out to our love of DC). She originally wanted a weeping willow, but went away after seeing how many problems they cause. She and Lucky Dragon are excited for our "Womping Willow" that apparently is going to be part of the Halloween decor! HAHA

As we were laying sod yesterday thinking about how we ended up doing this on our anniversary I had several thoughts that made it a metaphor for our marriage:

Our marriage is the best thing that has happened to both of us, but that takes work. We have to spend time smoothing out the lumps and ridding ourselves of the rocks. There are times it gets a bit muddy; times that the holes have to be dug or filled. We work the best when we work together, as equal partners, side-by-side. There are times that one of the two of us has to focus on something else for a time and the other picks up the difference. Then it swings back. There are many times we have to make decisions on what we want--this is a give and take experience.

There are times that it rains, there is lightening or unexpected challenges arise. Yet, after the rain leaves, the lightening moves on and challenges are overcome, the result is more beautiful and amazing than before.

This year I have been thankful that Lady Hiva is my best friend. I have seen her true colors and it has been a blessing to me. We have laughed together, cried together, faced our fears together and loved. I hope there are more projects ahead to tackle, more mud to shovel and more rain to face because in the end we are stronger, more kind and more appreciative than we were the year before.

I love you, Lady! 

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