August 07, 2017

Celebrating Another Year of the Lucky Dragon

It was our fun loving, intelligent little Lucky Dragon's birthday again. We can't believe it. His first birthday we went to London, his second we were at Lagoon, his third was a Disneyland. This year he set the rules. He provided a list of things he wanted early on and that gave us some planning time:

  • Fireworks
  • A party 
  • Pinata (a guitar pinata to be exact) filled with candy and flutes 
  • A cake from Baskin Robbins 
  • Presents: an American Flag football and a colorful windmill.
This kid makes us happy. We were able to pull most of them off, although by the skin of our teeth. Luckily he was born in July because there are plenty fireworks in Utah during July. We made sure to buy some good ones. However, we were also surprised that when we took him to the large demolition derby in Heber, UT they had a huge firework display! So a bonus for us as parents! hehe. As we left for the night he wanted to touch all of the cars. He would pat them with so much reverence. He loves his cars. 

The fireworks at the house were fun too. I loved watched all the little guys laughing hysterically at them. 

We scrambled to get the house ready for a party with everything else going on. Fortunately we had several people ready to help out. He had so much fun with cousins. The pinata was Lightening McQueen which was good because we were struggling to find a guitar one--apparently not many children was a guitar themed pinata, they would rather have a cartoon character...imagine that. 

The cake was a success too. We did not think the Baskin Robbins cake would be big enough for everyone so Lady Hiva made a "Crazy 8" cake from Cars 3. It turned out really amazing. The kids loved it. Most importantly Lucky Dragon loved it. 

He approves!

He brings so much joy into our lives. It was fun to take him to a demolition derby (something I have grown to actually like) and were given tickets to a monster truck rally (something I find VERY boring) and he loved them both. 

He was so happy to have his King Krunch look like the real thing

After the monster truck rally we went to the Salt Lake County Fair. He wanted to ride some of the rides. I still worry about them, when I was a little kid Madre would not allow us to ride them for safety reasons. I mean who would place their kid on a ride that shows up in a truck and is parked on a random field?? Once I sneaked in a ride with my friend and we were both so skinny that the safety bar did not hold us in, it was was the scariest ride of my life! I knew we were going to die. The only thing that kept us from launching off was wedging our bodies to the sides. So naturally I let my kid ride them...brrrmp. We had fun, I love his daring spirit and willingness to try everything. However, on the "spaceship" ride that turns in circles so you feel gravity I literally had a stomach ache. He loved it! I must be getting old (as if the bald head did not clue me into that!)

So here is to another year with our resilient little guy who talks like he is an adult and is so curious about life. 

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