August 15, 2017

Let The Projects Begin!

So we have another place to call home!

We decided to build a home this time and Lady Hiva was able to choose a home she loved. We selected the colors, the walls, the floors, etc. That was fun to do as well. People say all the time that they would never build again after they have done it once. For the most part we would disagree. There were a few things that I had to be firm with the builder (Like the thermostat should not be dead center of the wall, the stairwell needs to be open, the master bath door placement) but other than that it was fun to see something rise out of the ground where nothing once stood.

We will miss our place in Salt Lake Valley. Even though we always knew it was temporary, we learned to love the people there and how good they are. We are excited for our new place.

It took quite a bit longer to close than we expected (3 weeks) because the electrical and gas lines were not correct. That was frustrating and made for what we planned to be a 2 week easy moving experience turned into a crazy 3 days experience. We were so thankful that family and friends came to help.

The journey to build the house was fun. We loved seeing the improvements each week, from framing to watching the robotic arm lift in drywall, to seeing the grass go in. We have built all kinds of shelves...decorative, in the garage, organization, shelves for the rooms and on and on.

Unpacking all of our stuff reminds us of so many people and places we love: Our stuff from the Philippines, Turkey and many other countries, our welcome sign from Jan, the Holy Family statue from Kate and Brandon, the tractor from Deniz, Arlet, Neslihan and Inci, the New Mexico magnet from Camp and Hailey, the Tongan doll from Dave and Linda, the Tapa mats from Felila and from Hea and Ulu, the mirror from Felila, the paintings of Christ and the ethic for working/building from Madre and Kell, the chair from Ginger...the list goes on and on.

Here are some photos of that journey:

The kitchen was done then one nights someone stole some of the cabinets

I made a carousel for Koala Bear's room

Homemade nightlight

She learns to paint, drill and anything else

They are learning to love Home Depot 

When you stay home with Dad, you learn to work