October 10, 2017

Growing Up!

Lady Hiva and I realized that life is going by so fast and Lucky Dragon and Koala Bear are growing up so fast. Now, we love it. We are not those parents that wish they stayed small forever. I actually am loving the fact that Lucky Dragon is such an intelligent person who loves to talk and be engaged. Likewise, I love seeing that Koala Bear has her own little personality come out. She loves to laugh at her brother and gets excited when things are going her way, but most often she is even tempered and almost pensive. It will be odd if we have a serious child on our house...

We decided that we needed to take some photos to remember this phase. (And the fact that we need some photos of Koala Bear in the house and my office...)

So Saturday morning I set up and we did a photo shoot. Below are the results. It is fun to capture their true identities as we take photos.

Koala Bear was way more participatory than her brother...haha. The first outfit is from her namesake, Aunty Jan!

She already has the Disney Princess pose down...oh boy

Ok..not really into this Dad...

Practicing her #ducklips

"How do I look?"


"Come on people...get it together"

"There is only room for one Koala Bear here"

"You said what?!"


 Lucky Dragon was pulling full teenager phase. He did NOT want to have his photo taken. But I finally talked him into it when I agreed to take some photos with his pumpkin glasses on.

His self-proclaimed Pirate face

"It is too bright, Dustin!"

He was DONE at this point


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