October 21, 2017

Autumn/Halloween Celebrations Continue

Sugar cookies, pumpkins and 'agri-tourism' have filled our days!

I like that idea of agri-toursim--apparently, in Utah that is a thing. We have spent time at Cornbelly's, which is quickly becoming a tradition. It is a big commercialized version of a fall festival. Complete with pig races, apple shooting, a corn maze and more. Lucky Dragon loves it!

He loved the snake because he is a self-proclaimed Slytherin! #weloveharrypotter

Shooting apples with the air blaster


the reason we have brothers!

We have fun exploring the areas and seeing all there is to see.

Our holidaying took us to Kuwahara Farms to look for pumpkins. It was so much fun. This, too, has become a tradition. This year they really stepped up their game. There were several greenhouses that were themed as you chose from the many different types of pumpkins--orange, white, green, with warts on them, Frankenstein pumpkins, ghost pumpkins...you name it. They also added a corn maze. One portion was "haunted" and we had fun exploring it. Lucky Dragon was really confused why the clown was chasing people with a chainsaw. hahaha! (Obviously we don't watch scary films at our house!)

We even made some sugar cookies to decorate. Lucky Dragon thought that was amazing. He was eating them as fast as he decorated and 30 minutes later he was bouncing ALL OVER THE PLACE!! It was fun but we may think about just decorating and not eating them next time.

Lady Hiva has added some fun twists to dinner too! Lucky Dragon was so excited to eat out of a pumpkin (bread bowl) and witch's fingers.

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