October 01, 2017

Making Stars--A Repeat!

Lucky Dragon like the lantern festival so much we realized there was another one this last weekend and he wanted to go! We found some Groupon discounts, packed up our blankets and headed out. It was another fun night. This one is actually called the "Lantern Festival" the other was called the "Lights Festival."

That being said, if you are ever want to go to one, I would recommend the Lights Festival. It was a different atmosphere--more family oriented. At that one there was no alcohol, people smoking (at least nearby), and you were sitting on the grass. It also was clear the Lights Festival was far better managed. The Lantern Festival was held at the UMC event center in Grantsville, UT. Between the long delay in actually letting the lanterns go--literally the crowd booed off the band that kept playing so we could get it over with (it was cold!!)--and the exit process being a fiasco, it kind of killed the cool experience. Despite the Grantsville police managing traffic (not well), it took us 1.5 hours from the time we were back at Mongoose until we were on the road out of the UMC area. GRRRRR....

Now my venting is complete, I can tell you about the experience. It was fun to be there again as a family. We all bundled up well and snuggled to stay warm. They provided S'more kits so we could do that as we waited for the sun to go down. We also walked around to see all of the activities they had for children. Lucky Dragon trained to be an American Ninja Warrior along with hundreds of other wild children! I thought it would get some energy out, but instead it only made him more energized.

We wrote on our lanterns and were so excited to see them float off! It was fun to watch others light theirs and cheer as a lantern would go up (it is not easy as it looks...so it was worth cheering).  The effect was beautiful and romantic. We stood there as a family watching as thousands of lights joined the sky. We traced our hands on one of the lanterns and Lucky Dragon was excited that our lantern was going to çak (high five in Turkish) the moon and stars! 

Go Utes!

It was a fun evening, I am glad that we went. 

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