April 04, 2018

Birds, Fish and Lizards

Several weeks ago we took the little muggles to the SeaQuest Aquarium in Layton, Utah again. We love it there because the animals are active and you can touch and feed them.

We spent time with the iguanas. They were not interested in eating as much as laying around under the sun lights. Lucky Dragon was really interested in the skin sheds they were dropping. The aquarium worker talked about why they shed their skin and let Lucky Dragon hold some of it.

We watched the octopus eat from a bowl. That was fun to see. The octopus crawled up the wall of the tank so we could watch the suction cups at work. Fascinating creatures.

We, of course, had to feed the birds. This is one of my favorites because there are so many and they are extremely active. They land on your arms, head and anywhere else to be close to the food. Koala Bear thought this was fun until they started to fight over the food and take off unexpectedly. That startled her and she did not seem it appreciate it at all. One of the birds decided to wish Lady Hiva a Happy Birthday by pooping all over her leg! Haha. I guess the bright side is that we were in a mall and she could take advantage of the sale in the department stores to get some new clothes! (Maybe the bird was helping her out after all)

We spent time with the large tortoise and listened to the parrots squawk. If you have not been yet, it is worth the time to go. I would advise not going on a weekend if possible. It is far too crowded. For us it is worth the drive to see what the joy the kids have being there.

Playing around while Mum shopped. He picked out hats for us to be silly

Not so sure about this ride

She loves Mickey and Minnie

She could have stood here all day jabbering to the Calico Critters. She loves them 

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