April 15, 2018

Our Growing Little Muggles

The last few months Koala Bear has grown and changed so much. She has longer hair--it is just long enough to place it in a pig tail. Most often Lady Hiva has it done on top of her head so she looks like a Tongan version of "Poppy" from Trolls. She also is chatty chatty chatty. She loves to talk with people on Facetime, Zoom or Android video call. Which works out really well for Papa and Pluba who are on their mission. She will tell all kinds of stories, we may not know what it means, but she doesn't stop. And here we thought that we would end up with only one chatty child.

Lucky Dragon is all ready for school and playing t-ball. It is great to see that he is loving to read and write. He is constantly asking me how to spell words or reading words on signs. Smart little guy. He is lovable and kind.

I have been telling Lady Hiva that we need to take photos with the kids again. It is easy to get busy and not take photos (other than the quick snaps with our phones) and miss part of life. This week was a bit scary a few times and all I could think about was "we don't have any recent photos." Ok, that was not ALL I could think about, there were other thoughts that went through my head--mostly of thankfulness for prayer, love, medical teams who have trained well, and for the faith of our Lady Hiva and Lucky Dragon.

So Lady Hiva took advantage of the Spring flowers on Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City and did a quick photo shoot before we had lunch together. I love them. They are not perfect, their hair is a bit fluffy, they wanted to eat mochi-crunch as a snack so we have chipmunk cheeks and drool is several photos and in each photo either one child or the other is not looking (can't imagine what it is likf for people with more than two kids)--but each picture tells a story. I found myself laughing out loud as I looked at the photos.

We love these two so much! We are thankful they seem to be the best of friends. He thinks the world of her. She adores him. You can see in these photos their relationship. It makes me smile to see them and know that they bring Lady Hiva and I so much joy. We are thankful for them.


  1. I heart all of these photos. They’re so precious!!

  2. I am so very in love with all of the pictures. I love these two so much.

  3. Love these pics! They are growing up fast!