April 23, 2018

With A Couple False Starts, Spring Has Finally Arrived!

Spring is Lady Hiva's favorite time of the year. It would be up there for me too. It is fun to see that Koala Bear and Lucky Dragon are loving the Springtime too.

Koala Bear wants to be outside whenever any of us are. She does not seem to care what we are doing, she just enjoys her new shoes and will explore everything. She will chatter and chatter at a rapid pace. The only things we recognize are "uh-oh" when she falls or drops something and "Look at that!" when she points to something she deems interesting. She is active and loves to sit on the grass or throw her brother's bright kick balls around.
She loves her accessories...and brushing her own hair...and shoes...what a girl

He tells us that he is his own "greatest showman"

Lucky Dragon is enjoying riding his bike, going on walks and playing t-ball. (now watching 20 3-4 year olds playing t-ball is a bit chaotic--if you want some unexpected entertainment, I would suggest joining a family nearby at their t-ball game). He is developing a love for planting and growing flowers from his mum. They planted bulbs in the Fall and he is SO excited to see them growing. Whenever we arrive home the two of them will walk over and look at the flowers to see which are growing and how colorful they are. He is so proud.

Lady Hiva had my build a small grow box on the side of the house. She and Lucky Dragon carefully planted herbs, tomatoes, peas and carrots. Then it snowed...(twice!) in the last week. So the tomatoes died...and the peas...so they have planted them again. We will see if they survive this time. HAHA. He was stoked to see new life growing this last few days.

We have also started our summer tradition of a campfire to roast our food and eat s'mores. Lucky Dragon calls it "camping" which is OK for me. He thinks that we are doing full on camping, but we get to sleep in our own beds. It is so much fun to be out in nature. Even if it is for just a few minutes.

She loves to eat the S'mores

He loves to burn them...and anything else we can burn!

The two of them will go running with me. Of course Lucky Dragon talks the entire first part of the run--asking questions and telling stories. We have a new habit of asking Google questions we don't have the answer to. He was SO excited to find out that the largest recorded dandelion was 75cm! He is also obsessed with asking Google how to say things in different languages. That has resulted in him saying "nein" instead of "no" the last few weeks. HAHA.

Lady Hiva took them to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point one day when I was at work. The flowers were beautiful. Bring on the Spring! We are ready...stop surprising us with snow!

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