January 22, 2013

Our Boss’s Welcome Party-Take 2~!

President Obama was re-elected for a second term, as we all know. That means we know who will be our boss for the next four years. So the changes may not be as dramatic. Although we will have some change with our proposed direct boss changing with the resigning of Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Lady Hiva and I went down to the National Mall to see the festivity preparations. It is an exciting time to be here for the Inauguration. In Manila one of my Filipino friends have asked if I would go back for the event and at the tiem we had not planned on being here, so I said “No” lo and behold, here we are! It was the day before the Inauguration and there was a flurry of people getting port-a-potties installed, camera crews together, banners and flags hanging up, and plenty of volunteers ready.

AND it was COLD! After being in Manila’s hot balmy weather of the last two years, it is a shock to the system to be here in the cold weather. It was fun to see all of the preparations. There is a sense of pride in the Country to think this is a witness of the success of our political process and the turnover of power to our elected leader.

HOWEVER, as exciting as it was to see the flags flying and the camera booths ready, it was too cold for us want to be there with the crowds the next day. We watched our President taking the Oath of Office from the warmth of our couch. But it was still fun to see. Lady Hiva’s favorite part was Beyonce’s National Anthem.

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