January 24, 2013

Wait, There Is Still WINTER!?!

It has been continually cold the last few days here in Washington, DC. But I guess that does not take much to be cold after being in 95 degree, 90% humidity weather in Manila. The other day at church I was teaching Sunday School for the 14 and 15 year olds and there were several of them that said they wanted it to snow. I am not sure I agreed with that, I kind of like the non-snowy weather.  

Well, today it was snowing when we woke up! COLD!! It is still WINTER. I have forgotten there was even winter in places. We have not been in snow for almost 3 years when we were in Washington, DC so it was fun to have some snow again.

It was a light powder snow, much like the snows of Utah. After I shoveled the walks, I decided to go running. Running when it is fresh snow brings a different perspective. I run the same route everyday and today I noticed things that I had not noticed before. There was also a “hush” in the forest. I was tempted a few time to just stop and walk instead of running (ok, maybe that is because I was winded, but who knows, right? LOL) 

This snow was my type of snow, it is now evening and the majority of it is melted already! It was pretty in the morning and now it is gone! YAY! The best of both worlds.


  1. Wait! You are taking a pic while your Grandpa is sweeping the snow? Who does that?

  2. I LOVE running on fresh powdery snow (not so much on icy snow, now that's a slippery endeavor). And the trails get so peaceful and quiet, it's amazing!