September 01, 2013

Tau’aho’s Blessing Day

Today was Tau’aho’s blessing day! In the LDS Church we don’t baptize until after the age of eight (so the child has a choice) but we do baby blessings to give a baby a name and a blessing. Today was Tau’aho’s turn.

Our little Honu

"Are you looking at me?"

The only photo you will see where I am taller than Kell (I am standing on the curb hehe)

We had family here from Manila, Texas, Ohio, Utah, Hawaii, several local friends and, of course, our congregation.

For Lady and I we are so happy to finally have a baby that we could bless at church. Annie, Alli, and Aleki all left us before we could bless them and Vaitafe we blessed in the hospital—so once again Lucky hit a milestone that his siblings didn’t.

It was so special for us to have all the family there. Lady’s mum sent a blessing outfit to bless him in and he looked SO handsome. (AGAIN, I acknowledge my bias haha)

After, we had a dinner for family—full on Tongan style. Lady’s uncle came and made BBQ and Solia and I made Lu-pulu last night. Of course we had salad and fruit for our fair family from my side! It was a spiritual day and a day of celebration. Our little house felt like it was bursting at the seams, but we loved it all the same.
Making Lu at midnight

Again, we recognize there are people all over the world that support, pray and helped us be here. It will be sad to see the next few days and family goes home…we kind of like having them here.


  1. Oh my! Baby Tau'aho is incredibly handsome! What an adorable little baby you've got there! Looks like an awesome day!

  2. These pictures make me so happy! I'm so thrilled for you guys. He is such a cute baby boy and you are an incredibly sweet family. I'm very glad you blog regularly so that I can see him grow, and also hear about all your fun adventures!