November 11, 2014

Full on Christmas Explosion!

It is now that time of year—officially! I have had one Christmas tree up since 1 NOV, but today Lady consented to putting up all of the other decorations and tree #2.

The first thing we had to do was bring out all of the decorations. With 5 different tree versions and several moves we have collected a large amount of decorations…yikes. Our apartment filled with boxes and containers full of decorations. Sadly, many of them went back into the boxes after we were done because we simply do not have space for it all. Hopefully one day we have a house large enough to really have some fun! It truly looked like an explosion of Christmas in here for a few hours.

Lucky boy slept through the first part of it and then came out to “help” he dumped out all the ornament balls and unpacked as much as possible before we could put it away. He enjoyed it, so did we…at least he will love decorating too!

Not sure how the pillow ended up ON TOP of him...

Helping mom fill the lantern with ornaments...he kept wanting to add pink ornaments (must be Dad's little Dragon)

What ended up out was a combination of new pieces with older pieces. We have Crèche from the Philippines, Italy, Hawaii, Virginia and Utah all out. I guess we better get one from Istanbul too, although I am not sure they sell them here. Lady Hiva said she had to “edit my style” and tone it down a bit. HAHA. At least there is something, right?

Happy Christmas celebrations everyone! 

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  1. I love it!! And your apartment looks beautiful.