November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Again!

I cannot believe that it is Thanksgiving again! November was so busy that I feel like I missed the entire month! November is usually a hard month of anniversaries for our family, but with every progressing year anniversaries are not as emotional but full of more memories.

This year we had a small family Thanksgiving with friends that we ate Thanksgiving with in Manila and they are now here. It was awesome to be with them again. Although we felt like we were missing a few people that are usually there when we are together…maybe they will get an assignment to Istanbul! Hehe.

Lady Hiva worked hard to get everything ready. We were lucky to have turkeys flown in from US Military bases in Germany and Italy so that we could have our “traditional” Thanksgiving! The only problem was getting an American sized turkey to fit into a European sized oven!

Lady Hiva and I have become better and better at making things with fresh ingredients. This year I roasted and pureed a pumpkin a few weeks ago and that is what she used to bake a pie with homemade pie crust! (She is going domestic….hehe). A few pies, homemade rolls, homemade jelly, some candied yams and a golden turkey later we were ready to go to eat. I must admit that after I helped for a bit in the morning, I kind of fell asleep after I put the Lucky Dragon down for a nap. (For which Lady reminded me several times throughout the day).
Our little Chef! (Takes after Uncle Moana)

Me helping with Thanksgiving dinner

This year has ended with so many changes, some expected and others not expected. Regardless, we have plenty to be thankful for! We love our Lucky Dragon, he is so happy and full of life. He likes to sing, dance and try anything that we are trying too. Everything is done in full force with him. He runs and runs and runs. He will only slow down to see if one of us is “chasing” him and will speed up squealing with delight.

After a busy November, I am excited to see what happens in December!

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