November 25, 2014

Joe Biden Visits...

Waiting for the VP to come out so we could leave

This past weekend—no wait, the past three weeks—have been jam packed with planning for a Vice President visit to Istanbul. We have our share of visits from Washington DC here (popular city…hint hint for anyone that wants to come visit), but this month there was an explosion of them all in the same 15 day span.

We planned and planned and planned for weeks. It was great! (that was a bit of sarcasm, I admit) On top of our already busy work days we spent hours and hour preparing. I was so proud of our staff here in Istanbul, they really stepped up to the challenge with no complaints or problems. People working on the visit were busy and those that were not, were filling in on the work that they left—so we were all busy.

The day arrived for Joe Biden to land with the cold and rain. For the next four days I stood in the rain and wind with frozen extremities, I ran up hills, directed traffic on streets big and small, rode in a really long motorcade, listened to international policy in the making, rubbed shoulders with decision makers, watched live TV in action, made some great friends, saw several versions of Palaces throughout the city and found small times to call Lady Hiva when I could. Don’t get me wrong, it was REALLY stressful and people do some crazy things when they are stressed!
The gardens of Baylorbayi Palace under the bridge

Outside the Patriach's house
 I also saw some true examples of leadership and found plenty of opportunities to laugh with people as we were waiting for a meeting to finish before we whisked off to the next stop.

By the end of the weekend I was so cold and exhausted. I was so happy to come home on Sunday night and see my favorite Lucky Little Dragon and my Lady Hiva! (right after I took a shower and warmed up my toes.

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