November 02, 2014

Welcome to November

There are two—make that three—reasons that I am excited for 1 NOVEMBER. 1-Halloween is over 2-Because Halloween is over that means I can officially decorate for Christmas! (I am not allowed to tread on Lady Hiva’s holiday—Halloween—but after that it is fair game!) 3- the Gratitude Challenge.

The Gratitude Challenge is something that I have done for several years now. I started doing it when one of my younger cousins had a project and challenged us to be thankful for something each day. I have done it every year since then and encouraged other people to do it too. It really buoys up your days to think about what we are thankful for. Sometimes we are so preoccupied with life we miss the little gifts we are given each day.

And because Halloween is over, I can decorate for Christmas! WOOHOO! Lady Hiva likes the tree that we did last year and I had planned ahead and with the After-Christmas-Sales last year I bought everything for a new themed tree. I was so proud that we bought everything at 75-90% off! I have waited all year but then Lady tells me she wants the other tree in the living room. Dilemma, which tree, which tree?…NOPE! Just put up both trees! HEHEHE. So the first of two trees went up yesterday! Bring on the holiday spirit. We had a night of Carol filled, glitter covered fun. Lady Hiva even caved in and started to decorate with me—don’t tell her I noticed, but there were several times I even heard her sing-a-long with the Christmas carols. (She tries to act tough, but we all know better!)

The next few days will see the other tree up so keep posted…

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