November 08, 2015

Behold Laie

Laie Hawaii LDS Temple
Lady Hiva and I were lucky enough to be home for the 150 year celebration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints being in the Hawaiian community, Laie. A place we call home.

It started with a parade—and it rained—yes, that means it rained on our parade! But that did not stop anything. Floats, candy, music, balloons and dancing all continued. Lady Hiva and I had plenty of family and friends in the parade. One we won’t name (but has a name that starts with F and ends in inau) they were crazy enough to give a microphone. She didn’t need one. I could still hear her long after she went passed us and around the corner! Haha.
Here comes the rain

In the afternoon we went to the Cannon Activities Center for the LDS Youth presentation BEHOLD LAIE. They had to do two different presentations because there were so many of them so we opted to go to the late show. We waited in line for almost an hour—a really long line to get in—and by the time we made it in, we were so thankful for the air conditioning!
Waiting in line to get into the function

Anty Lila using a stick to keep the kids in line!~ haha

Aunty Jan sharing her Aloha as always

Elder Auna, a great man with a great family-

The presentation took different aspects of Laie’s history starting from ancient Hawaiian legends and the reality that Laie was a place of refuge,  to BYU-Hawaii and the LDS temple being built  and through modern history to today. I was touched to see the way family and history are strong here. I was touched to see the elders (kapuna) of the community honored for their efforts to make Laie a beautiful place for us to live.


Wait! They aren't supposed to tie together!

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More than anything I was impressed to see the literally ARMY of youth that had spent thousands of hours to do this cultural and historical performance. I could not help but think how the future of our lives are in good hands with these young men and women leading. At the end of the presentation the youth honored the kapuna with a simple hula and in return, the kapuna honored the youth. Once again showing that all generations cannot survive without each other.

To tell you the truth, it was so nice to be here during this celebration of a place we love. But it was hard to not feel really homesick that we don’t live her permanently any more. 

The army of youth

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