November 20, 2015

Trip Home to Hawaii

We have been back in Utah for a week actually, but I realized that I had not written much while we were in Hawaii. I mean, who has time to actually write on a blog when you work and try to fit in family and beach too. So I decided to do a quick parade through the amazing trip.

We loved being home and spending time with family. Work was amazing, busy, but amazing. We ate so much "local" food I think that we gained several pounds during the time there.

We watched the Kahuku Football team played and cheered them on with the Raider Nation.

We traipsed through the community trick-or-treating on Halloween with cousins.

We went to the beach when we could. Tau'aho loved the water, building sand castles, and chased crabs with cousins.

 I forgot how relaxing it is to be at the beach. The waves on the North Shore in the winter are both majestic and menacing; sacred and scary. I could sit and watch them all day. 

 We love the Laie Hawaii Temple

 We took Tau'aho to meet his older siblings.

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