November 14, 2015

Christmas Came Late...BUT It Has Arrived!

The wonder of Christmas

Normally I have the Christmas decorations up 1 NOV because that is the soonest Lady Hiva will allow. I have to suffer through the Halloween season but come 2400h on 31 OCT I am home free! Woohoo! However, this year we were in Hawaii for the first twelve days so the Christmas decorations were not put up until today.

Lady Hiva was even happy to help! (She doesn't want to admit it, but she loves Christmas as much as I do. It was fun to see Lucky Dragon's excitement for the whole process. The "kissamas" trees were fun to see.

Below you can see some of the photos. This year it was fun to put out all the Creche that we have purchased over the years. I started collecting them from all the places we traveled and it has been fun to see them. The only one not featured is the Olive Tree Creche from Greece. We had bought it right before we left so it was in a different box. We had it when we moved in but cannot seem to find it today...hopefully it shows up at some point.

Sorting through all of the Christmas decorations to decide which are featured this year

Bulgaria: A replica of the Medieval Creche

Turkey: Iznik tile handpainted and special made because they don't usually make Christian icons in a Muslim country

Dresdin Germany: Traditional Christmas Tower

Tree upstairs

Germany: traditional Christmas village

White Creche from Williamsburg, Virginia and Chapel from Munich, Germany

Rome, Italy

Munich, Germany

Chartrains, France

Sled from Annapolis, Maryland

Manila, Philippines

Munich, Germany

Downstairs tree

Creche given to us by dear friends in 2008 and it has been on my bedside ever since

Hawaii: Tapa Cloth

I may have posted this a day early because we did some more decorating and I wanted to share. We are officially in full blown Christmas mode!
Our first time to Paris was during January and we saw this decoration outside one of our favorite cafe's. We are trying to re-create it

Putting together the train under the tree...He was ecstatic!

The Front door finished product

The wreath I made tonight

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