November 09, 2016

A Trip Over the Mountain

This weather in October and November has been amazing! It is a bit cooler, but there has been no snow yet and that is something I am thankful for. Maybe I should not say that when we live in the desert. But it still makes me happy.

Trying to enjoy all the good weather we can, we went with some of our favorite family members on the drive over the Wasatch mountains from Utah County to Wasatch county. This trip takes you from American Fork Canyon over the mountain to Midway and Heber. It was a beautiful drive. Although most of the leaves were already colored and fallen, it was still full of breathtaking views.

Up on top when you are about to go into the Heber Valley we stopped as one of our new favorite places--Cascade Springs. We will be going back as much as we can.

There is a range of pools and small waterfalls that are surrounded with trails, bridges and boardwalks. It is a perfect place for little guys to explore nature and see all that is out there. We had fun looking at the water, the bugs, the trees...all those things that little minds find interesting.

We made our way down the dirt road on the Wastach County side (the Wasatch Back) and ended up in Midway. Now, Lady Hiva and I have loved Midway and Heber ever since we have been in Utah. We find ourselves there often for some reason or another.  It is a quaint little town with plenty of charm. Each house is well thought out and fun to see. We ate ice cream at a fun, eclectic place on Main Street and found a park to run around for a few hours.

Too bad Heber and Midway are not closer to Salt Lake, I could just commute! But I guess if it was closer, it wouldn't have that charm that we love so much.

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