November 20, 2016

Christmas Time of Year

 It is a bit late, but I needed to show that we have Christmas up at our house! As every year, it went up 1 NOV! YAY! As you all know I am itching to be done with Halloween so that we can start the Christmas season. This year, with all of the Halloween celebrating we did (see posts in October), even Lady Hiva was excited to dig out the decorations.

Sadly, we have such a downsize in house (downsize is an understatement) that we had to only choose 1 Christmas tree to put up this year! GASP! (Last year we had 5). Lady Hiva decided that she wanted to do the Green and Red tree this year and we added some new aspects to it. I took her to Modern Display, a decorating store in Salt Lake City, for the first time. She loved it and of course we found plenty of ideas and things that we wanted to try. We should stay away from crafting stores...and bookstores...and Lego stores...and for me suits...I guess with suits she is there to remind me we don't need it. With the other three we both like them and therefore, end up buying something we love that maybe we didn't REALLY need. haha

This is serious business

Lucky Dragon was really fun this year too. He loves Christmas every year but this year he was actively excited about decorating. He wanted to place them on the tree. His version of decorating is grouping--so there are random groups of ornaments in clumps of three or four around the tree. He was also excited that Lady Hiva had found a small tree at a thrift store that he could put in his room and has been making decorations for it. He would dance around the tree to the music and we would watch his genuine happiness for the season and all it brings.

Showing his style

Lucky Dragon showing more of his style

We have had Christmas music on the Pandora in the house for weeks. Lady Hiva even texted me last week while I was on a work trip to tell me that I "would be proud of" her because she was listening to Christmas Carols in the Mongoose as she did errands! I am turning her into a Christmas lover like me! (It only took 9 years! haha). Now I just need to talk her into watching corny, love-y, mushy Holiday movies with me (usually on the Hallmark channel) and going to watch the Forgotten Carols. Those she has not given into yet...yet being the operative word!

We are so excited for the season. A chance to love and share with those we love.

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