November 01, 2016

Halloween Is Over---FINALLY!

It has been a long month of Halloweening. We have carved pumpkins, went to farms, spent plenty of time at Harvest places like Cornbelly's, we rode down the haunted lagoon ride in Provo, raced the headless horseman in Sleepy Hollow (Soldier Hollow in Heber, UT), made Halloween wreaths, sewed witch costumes, read Halloween books and ate plenty of candy.


Don't get me wrong, I probably got more into this Halloween more than any other in my life. And I actually enjoyed some of it. It helps when you have a Lucky Dragon who wants to dress up as Harry Potter--something that made me so proud. We thought that he would change his mind, but he was set on it. He also said that Lady Hiva was going to be a witch and I was to be Snape.

He drew the face and I cut it out for him

It is easy to be excited about something when a little person you love is excited about it. So I Halloweened with my two special people.

We went to two trunk-or-treats and went trick-or-treating too. And we still could not give all of our candy away! (Lady Hiva thinks she has to buy the whole candy shelf to give away). Lucky Dragon loved going. He and I would run from house to house trick-or-treating. People would tell him that he was the cutest Harry Potter they had ever seen. They would tell him to "take as much as he wanted" or to "take more." He would quietly say, "Thank you! and no, one is just fine." As if he was an adult in a little body. I had to not laugh to not embarrass him. I love this little Lucky Dragon.
It was MAD CHAOS at this trunk-or-treat

Mongoose all ready for trunk-or-treat #2

I knew that it was enough Halloween when Lady Hiva even said that she was ready to be done!

Bring on the Christmas!

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