June 13, 2018

Back to Germany--Bavaria

We made our way back to Germany again. This time to Bavaria. We have been to Munich and several places around Bavaria on different trips to Europe. This time we went to somewhere we had never been together--Heidelberg. I had been there as a kid and loved it, so it was fun to go back.

It was pouring rain when we arrived, so we went to bed and woke up early in the morning to explore. Parts of the city were absolutely stunning. We drove up along the cobblestone streets to see the buildings. There is such beautiful areas to look at, after a while it is hard to remember that not everywhere looks like this.

Lucky Dragon has started to take photos for us. 

This girl takes after her mother and LOVES accessories!

She wanted to touch them all. I was surprised how well she treated them

Inside the old cathedral in Heidelberg city center

Koala Bear's curls are perfect in the humidity

We drove down to the old city center and parked. We rode the funicular up the steep hill. That ended up being an amazing choice. For the price of the ticket we not only were able to ride the funicular, we had entrance to the castle. Something we did not expect. A happy surprise. We toured the ruins of the the castle. The views just kept getting better and better. After taking some photos we would think nothing else could get better, but of course it would.
Heidelberg castle

Collecting rocks...as always

This is her new look at the camera pose

 Koala Bear is always trying to keep up with her brother. She will chase him and he is so much faster, but she does not let that get to her. She will chase him, yelling "Tee! Tee!" I caught these photos as she ran passed. I had to laugh to see her stop and try to jump and touch the wall just were he had minutes before. She is quite the smart little girl. She loves to mimic

The Largest wine vats in Europe

Again, trying to be like her brother

 In the castle they had a history of apothecary in Germany museum. It was so fun to see all of the evolution. Not something we would have gone out of our way to see, but it was actually really interesting to see how modern pharmacy and medicine evolved.

We bought several clam shells of raspberries while there. They were delicious. We ate all that we had and went back for more after our walk! Haha. Could be worse things to eat more and more of.

After our tour of Heidelberg we made our way towards Austria!

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  1. Love the open plazas in Germany! Seeing this brought back many fond memories of Heidelberg. Unlike my trip to Hawaii last week where so much had changed since my last visit 20 years ago, so much looks the same in Germany after that same amount of time! I love that about Europe.