June 25, 2018

Polish Pottery...Our New "Traditional" Stop In Europe

Making a stop to Boleslawiec, Poland has become our new tradition. This started out with Lady Hiva learning to love the Polish Pottery years ago. So the first time we were close to Poland we made the trek across the border and bought some pottery. We have now been back several times since then.

On this trip we traveled through the Czech and Polish countryside from Prague to Boleslawiec. Green rolling hills accompanied us along the way.

Boleslawiec has done some great work to improve the town center and beautify the historic town. We could see the differences from our trip three years ago. The already small square that wrapped around a church was brighter, had been cleaned and fresh flowers planted.

The history of Boleslawiec is steeped in the area's pottery industry. Last time we went we took a tour of one of the factories. It was amazing to see the way each piece of pottery is handmade, hand-painted, hand inspected and then sold. This time we focused on just purchasing. Because we have been so many times we no longer need to have maps etc, we just set out and know what to look for in each store. I find it like a treasure hunt to go through the stacks and stacks of pottery to find the best pieces.

We like to stay a few miles out of Boleslawiec in the castle Zamek Kliczkow. We have stayed there a few times. It has a pool, a spa (that we never use because of time) and the rooms are amazing views. The castle is set out in the village surrounded by forests to bike or ride horses in.  Last time we had the king's room with the large four-poster bed and this time we had a room with a kitchen and a balcony view of the inner courtyard. It was magical. Lucky Dragon was so happy to be staying in a real castle--he has stayed in many over the years but now he is aware and remembering it all. It is fun to see him happy.

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  1. Loved the vibrant colors of the buildings and castles. It has been a while since my last visit to Europe, but this post made me think I need to plan a return trip sooner than later! Thanks for sharing.