June 01, 2018

Our Graduate

This past year Lucky Dragon has been going to an amazing pre-school. The teacher has her masters in education and does a Montessori Curriculum. It was a perfect situation for our little guy who is ahead of the game. The other pre-school was more like a glorified day care, but Miss Nikki challenged him.

He ends this year doing addition and subtraction math equations and reading books. It was so much fun to watch him grow and put pieces together to the point he is reading really well. He loves to sit down with his work books and do math. He also loves to read. Lady Hiva bought him some 1st grade readers and he loves to read them. He goes through them so quickly.

Graduation was fun. His one request was to have a CARS 3 lei and a "smelly flower lei" (tuberose lei). Lady Hiva was able to provide both. It was fantastic. The teacher told Lady Hiva it was a simple pot-luck, so of course Lady Hiva made a fruit dish with a fresh fruit dip, homemade cheese and ham empenadas and brought a box of sprinkle donuts! You know, just a simple snack.

Koala Bear loved cheering on her brother as they did the ceremony. 

It was a simple, but cute ceremony. We are excited to see our little (not so little) Lucky Dragon go to Kindergarten!

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