June 24, 2018

Prague, A Place For Exploration

Our next stop...and next country to explore...was Prague, Czech Republic. This is a city we have been to before but you know that it is amazing if we are willing to come back. It also is one of the closest cities to Poland where we buy Polish Pottery.

Because we had been there before we were far less rushed to do all the touristy things and could just enjoy the city and all that it had to offer--well maybe not all, some of it was not our type of tourism if you know what I mean. We walked the cobblestone streets and found delicious chocolate shops, ate several versions of Trdelnik--a sort of cross between a doughnut and a cinnamon role. They wrap the dough around a large dowel and cook it slowly over hot coals. They cover them in butter and sugar. The result is a bit crispy outside with a soft, fluffy inside.

We could not go to Prague without buying some of our favorite treats from the city--roasted almonds covered in chocolate and dusted in cinnamon. They also have chili dust, ginger dust and other version, but the cinnamon is our favorite.

 The photos below were take in quick succession...clearly her moods are fluid! One to the next...

While on this trip...when we would say "smile" this is what she would produce

 We walked around old town, saw the clock tower that was covered for refurbishment, made our way across the Charles Bridge and spent the day exploring the shops. The small bakery shops, the jewelry shops, the souvenir shops, the craft shops and most of all the food. Some of our favorites included the wooden puppet shop. They were handcrafted and unique. We all enjoyed looked at each one. Koala Bear looked at them all and of course the one that she chose to like the best was a creepy monster looking version! HAHA.

The one Koala Bear liked...haha

Amarino Gelato...our favorite in all Europe. They are in several of the large cities we visited.

Crossing the Charles Bridge

He organized the suitcases by himself. He was so proud of his work

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  1. Since the closest thing to me visiting Prague was watching a Jason Bourne movie, I'm glad you posted this one. Looks like an amazing city! I loved the colors, the architecture & fun statues, the cobblestone streets (reminded me of Belgium) and the amazing Cathedrals.