July 07, 2013

Blueberries in the Sun

It was time to return to Butler Farms—this time to pick blueberries!

The sun was blazing hot so we were happy we went during the morning. Thanks to my day at the pool on the 4th, I knew I needed to cover my bald red head! We stopped and bought two hats, one for me and one for Lady… “FEED” hats. The FEED program uses the money from their products sold to feed families across America. Of course that was what we chose, I am kind of a sucker for amazing programs like this.

There were plenty of blueberries to harvest. I stood at the same bush for the entire time and we had PLENTY of blueberries. We had to stop picking after a while because we knew the fridge is full of strawberries still.

I Love my Lady...!

Lady decided it was too hot so she found a place under one of the tall bushes and picked there until it was time to go! What a day.  If you have children, Butler Orchard is a fun place to go. After you pick fruit there is a tractor ride and plenty of games and water places for the kids.

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  1. Great pictures! Morning is usually the best time to head to the blueberry fields. Not only is it cooler, but it gives you the best chance to pick the berries. Many days they get picked out by late morning!