July 22, 2013

Crafty Nesting…

The other day we saw one of our friends had a cute cover for the car seat. She said she bought it online from a company in Utah—of course…all those babies that are born there! Haha.

Today I looked it up and they were really expensive. I told Lady that I could make those…I wasn’t sure she was convinced (No faith I say! No faith!) If someone else can do it, so could we! Right?

 So on our way home from work Lady and I stopped and picked up some material.

She went to go visiting teaching so and I went to work. Lady’s request was to have a warm cover for winter and a cool one for summer. With those instructions the covers took shape.

I finished the first one and talked Lady Hiva into trying the second. She did some sewing then gave up—she said that I was putting too much pressure on her. Me? No way?! Never…!

They turned out really great. Thankfully. Had they not turned out I would have been embarrassed that I told her I could do it and found out I couldn’t.

Now all we need is Tau’aho. I was hoping he would come today on Moana’s birthday…but alas he didn’t show up. After months of praying Lady didn’t go into labor we are now at the point we would be excited for Tau’aho to show up. Lady is especially ready to not be pregnant anymore. But until he makes his appearance we will continue our nesting preparations…


  1. Those look great! You two are some amazing people with amazing testimonies. I just wanted you to know that I love reading your posts.

  2. This is amazing. Great post! Thanks.

  3. This is so great! I love that you did this!