July 28, 2013

Rain and River at Great Falls

It was the first Saturday in a long time that Lady Hiva and I have not had something planned. We purposely did not plan something because we didn’t know if she would go into labor—she is now 39 weeks after all!

There was no baby on the horizon so we decided to go to Great Falls Park, just a short drive from our house.

It was a beautiful, cool day. We stopped to get some food on the way to the park and enjoyed the green, forested drive there. (MAN, some of those houses are HUGE! I need to find out what those people do for a living)

After waiting in a line of cars for entrance, we were greeted with this sign: The river kills. Stay out! Well, there went my idea of swimming—haha!

We walked into the park until we arrived at the picnic tables. It was fun to sit and eat while being entertained by the families walking, eating and enjoying nature.

Walking is hard for Lady at this point so we were glad that the lookout points for the waterfalls were relatively close to the Visitor’s Center. The view was breathtaking. We both coveted the group of water rafters just getting ready to go out. That is something we need to put on our “to do in DC list.”

Just as we were leaving the second lookout point it began to rain. Just sprinkles. Nothing to worry about. We found a tree and sat on our blanket. The view was perfect to see the river. As the rain began to intensify I suggested I could go back and get the umbrella. I took off running and by the time I reached the car the rain was thick sheets of heavy drops. I was soaked!

I grabbed a chair—for Lady to sit on—left my phone so it didn’t get ruined dashed back to Lady with the umbrella. I had to take off my slippers because running in wet slippers is not easy…I ran back barefoot. When I arrived Lady was standing up with the blanket wrapped around her. She was dry but the blanket was soaked. We stood there for a few minutes debating whether to leave or not. We opted to stay considering the walk back would be more wet than just waiting it out.

I rigged the blanket up in the tree as a make-shift cover and we read our books as droves of people walked drenched back to their cars.
The rain did eventually quit and we went for a walk. It was nice to be out in nature. But once it started to sprinkle again I suggested we go back to the car. (our progress wasn’t going to break any speed records!) Sure enough as soon as we started to drive away the flood of the sky was released again!

We arrived home and both of us looked like we had jumped in the river anyway! But hey, what is life without some rain along the journey?

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