July 11, 2013

Quick Trip to the Amish Market

It has been almost two weeks since Aleki left us. Each day has brought its challenges as well as loving moments and plenty of conflicting emotions. To say we miss him would be an understatement. We would love to have him come back into our lives. However, we recognize that with each passing day the chances of him coming home are slim. So we pray for him, we pray he will know we love him and we will always consider him our son. We also pray for his birth mother that she will have strength and she will know that she too is loved. We have been surrounded by great friends and family full of love and support. They have invited us to eat in their homes and spend time with their families and that helps us pass the time. We also look for activites to enjoy together as we wait for Tau'aho to arrive. 

Today, after work Lady Hiva had a plan to go to Maryland for the Amish Market before it closed. We were, of course, fighting traffic trying to get out of DC but we made it!

Lancaster County Dutch Market is located just north of Washington, DC on 270. One of our favorite places to visit near DC is Lancaster County, PA to visit the Amish country. The place is beautiful, the food is delicious and the crafts and spectacular. Harvest time is our ultimate favorite time to be there.

Since Lady cannot travel that far, we can’t go to Lancaster County itself, but we can suffer in traffic for an hour to make it to Germantown, MD. The Market it opens Thursday-Saturday and is full of Amish food, vegetables, homemade chocolates, furniture, and other crafts.

We walked around the loop several times just admiring the smells and goods. Lady Hiva loves breads so the racks and racks of luxury breads was overwhelming: Cinnamon, apple, raisin, cheese, rolls…or a combination of the ingredients above.

We bought some chocolates, some homemade granola for our smoothies, several loaves of bread, a warm cinnamon raisin pretzel, and a quarter of a pecan pie. Yes, we have a sugar rush coming!

If you have never made it to Lancaster, it is a must. If you don’t have the time to make it there, at least make it to Lancaster County Market just up the road…your taste buds will love you!

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