September 04, 2013

Riding the Waves of the Potomac

Okay, okay, there aren’t actually waves on the portion of the Potomac that we traveled, but it was a catchy title, eh?

Lady Hiva and I had a free afternoon so we decided that we would take the boat tour of the Potomac river. We opted to take the tour from Georgetown, DC to Alexandria, VA—one historical city to another. We chose a warm evening and the sites were beautiful.

Lady Hiva and I love both Old Town Alexandria and Georgetown. If you haven’t had the time to walk the streets of either city, make time to do it. There are quaint stores, cobblestone streets, and delicious food to consume! They have done really well restoring the cities and making activities for tourists of all ages. Seeing them on either side of a boat ride made it even more romantic.

We had a great time. The boat tells history of the DC area and icons as we travel. There were several places Lady and I added onto our list of ‘must see’ before we leave again.

The day ended with a nice Italian dinner in Old Town Alexandria and a ride back in the sunset. It was spectacular! Next time we want to actually kayak or stand up paddle board, however I am not quite sold on the idea of falling into a river that I cannot see the bottom. (Hawaii spoils you like that)

Lucky even seemed to enjoy the night! When he gets older it will be fun to take the Pirate ship down the Potomac. Lady Hiva and I loved watching all the little pirates get ready for their trip.

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